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1 free packet Love Boho Wild Heart White Bronzer with Clear DHA .5oz TOP SELLER!

Swedish Beauty

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Wild Heart is a White Bronzer formulated with clear DHA and other natural bronzers to build a streakfree bronze without color transfer!

Fragrance: Crimson Kiss

Love Boho White Bronzer

Boho Glow | Wildflower Wonder | Mineral Magnificence

Darling, you’re different. Make no apologies for your fierce, loving spirit and your bronze intentions! Your bold personality and gold aspirations can’t be tamed with Wild Heart White Bronzer on your side. Consider the sky is the limit with Boho Glow™ that helps build reckless, ravishing color. Fuel your tan with flower power from floral extracts and watch your color truly blossom! The world is yours for the taking, so live carefree and wear that wild heart on your sleeve.


  • White Bronzer with Clear DHA
  • 95% Naturally Derived
  • No Added Gluten, Hemp or Parabens
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • ATO Inhibitor
  • Fragrance: Crimson Kiss – Cranberries, Red Peony, Water Iris


Boho Glow: This blend includes clear DHA and natural bronzers. DHA works to gradually develop streak-free and carefree color, while Copper from Sea Salt works to aid in Melanin synthesis to build a bold bronze.

Wildflower Wonder: Frolic through fields of exotic Acacia, Marigold and Honeysuckle and behold the wonder that is this bright and fragrant bouquet! These wildflowers contain carotenoids and flavonoids and help to soothe and condition skin sure to please any boho babe.

Mineral Magnificence: Features Zinc that helps boost skin’s ability to create Melanin. Found in sea salt, Zinc is a critical component to the DOPAchrome enzyme, which also plays a major role in Melanin production. Mineral Magnificence fortifies skin to support bronzing activity.


Playful Papaya Blend: Designed to help provide a softening effect to skin, creating a naturally smooth appearance. The active ingredient Papain, from Papaya, helps even skin tone, leaving behind a refreshed look.

Sea Salt Blend: Contains the skin essential minerals Magnesium and Calcium that work to restore the top layer of skin. Magnesium is required for energy production, which allows healthy skin processes to occur. Calcium helps control skin turnover to keep it healthy, while also helping to moisturize and regulate the skin’s moisture barrier, retaining water for ultimate hydration.

Beauty Balm: Luxurious blend of Emollients that cover the top layer of skin, allowing it to naturally rehydrate and provide all day moisturization. This balm supplies a smoothing effect, leaving skin soft with a supple, radiant glow.