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1 packet All the Rage 3xBronzers w/Instant SunBoost Step 2 .5z

California Tan

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Dude and dudettes, grab your boards…Get in a “Cali-State” of mind andsurf out the darkest most outrageous bronze color. Bangin, ne-on the go, bronzing power fortified withvitamin C and extreme Antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. Chillax and enjoy skin soothing effects
of Calendula Extract and Shea Butter. Certified Bitchin’Bronzer

· Tres (3) Bronzers with Instant SunBoost™
· Step 2 Dark Tan Booster
· Fragrance: Creamy Amaretto

· Tres (3) Bronzers with Instant SunBoost™: Unique blend that includes DHA ,
non-DHA, and Melanin Activation Peptides (MAP) for amplified bronzing potency
· Kukui Nut Oil: Provides immediate color
· Banana Extract: For faster tan development
· CuO2® & TRF2010™: Dramatically enhance collagen production
for a deep, dark tan
· Shea Butter: Hydrate and smooth skin for a lavish tanning results
· Calendula Extract: Instantly calms and soothes stressed skin, reduces
irritations and inflammation and supports skin’s own healing process