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1 packet Betrayal Ultra 14xBronzer Intense Sizzle .5z

Designer Skin

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Betray…to corrupt; lead astray. Literally, the ultimate act of deception. Thrust from our own lives into the twisted
plots of great cinema and literature, the act of betrayal steals our trust, leaving us tattered and torn…caught
between scenes of smeared mascara and shattered car windows. Well ladies, it’s time to choose…fight or flight!
Confront your traitor head on and boldly tread where no babe in the woods has dared lay down her gauntlet…
Reclaim what is yours! Defy all boundaries!
Introducing the paramount in sensory deception…the stunning addition of 14X bronzing power entwined with the
blushing heat of our hottest tingle! Combine this with a sinfully dark combination of Red Wine Extracts and consider
yourself pleasantly seduced. Master the art of fiery deceit and enjoy every rousing moment!

· Ultra Advanced 14 (XIV) Bronzing Blend
· Intense Sizzle Formula
· Fragrance: Blended Cassis
Ultra Advanced Bronzers Ultra advanced 14 bronzing blend delivers gorgeous,
dark color for brilliant effect
Intense Sizzle Formula Delivers immediate bronze color through a tingle
and reddening sensation
Red Wine Extracts Provide potent, skin-loving antioxidants for a
luminous appearance