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1 packet Brown Sugar Pineapple Sugar 400X Ultra Advanced Double Dark Bronzing Juicebomb .75oz

Brown Sugar

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Fragrance: Tahitian Pineapple Sugar

Double Dark Black Chocolate Pineapple Sugar

400X Ultra Advanced Bronzing Juicebomb

Colortopia Peptide Smoothie

 Blame it on the juice. When you set out to make the juiciest, darkest lotion on Earth good things are bound to happen. Magical amounts of pineapple juice were whipped into this super sweet recipe, resulting in mind-blowingly beautiful color and super soft skin. The sweeter the juice, the better the bronze. 

400X Ultra Advanced Bronzers provide darkest color imaginable. 

Juicebomb recipe utilizes huge amounts of pineapple and other fruits for optimal conditioning. 

It’s all about the color- Colortopia Peptide Smoothie takes your color to magical levels. 

Fragrance: Tahitian Pineapple Sugar