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1 packet Dark Escape DHA Bronzing Système .5oz last 7

Swedish Beauty

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 swedish beauty Dark Escape DHA Bronzing Système .5 oz

decadent bronzing système.
The perfect blend of DHA and Black Walnut Extract give you a faster, deeper, streak-free color for all
those last minute escapes.
Vitamins A and E ensure your color doesn’t fade while you collect stamps on your passport. Accelerate
your color and your travels with this perfect combination of dark ingredients.

· DHA Bronzers
· Tan Maintenance
· Fragrance: Piña Colada

Natural DHA Bronzing
DHA and Black Walnut supply immediate dark
Vitamin Enriched Tan
Vitamin E and Tissue Respiratory Factors (TRF)
provide powerful moisturization for silky-soft skin
Anti-Wrinkle Beauty
Combination of oils and vitamins increase skin’s
elasticity and help fight fine lines and wrinkles for a
younger-looking appearance