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1 packet Designer Skin Supernova 100X Luminous Stellar Bronzer .5oz Limited Edition

Designer Skin

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This is the highest level of DHA and bronzing ingredients available in the DS collection ensuring the absolute best results possible.
Prepare yourself for an out-of-this world, supersonic experience! Like glitter in the sky, stars can’t shine without the darkness and Astronomical 100X Luminous Stellar Bronzer delivers a colorful explosion of dark results that let you outshine entire galaxies. Trace your way through the constellations as Cosmic Lunar Lavishment and Crystal Clear Complex deliver unbelievable skincare results for a radiant afterglow. Encounter extraordinarily soft skin that transcends the dimensions of time and space with Celestial Silk Touch. You’re a once-in-a-lifetime shooting star, so shine like the whole universe is watching with SuperNova.

  • 100X Bronzer
  • High DHA, High Cosmetic and High Natural Bronzers
  • Designed for Experienced DHA Tanners
  • Limited Edition/Quantities
  • Deluxe Silicones
  • ATO Inhibitor
  • No Added Aloe, Hemp, Gluten, Parabens, or Soy
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Fragrance: Pink Stardust – Pink Pearl Apple, Violet Leaf, Strawberry, Rose, Caramel, Amber & Musk
  • Extremely Dark Brown Lotion Color

Astronomical 100X Luminous Stellar Bronzer: Unbelievable bronzing combination includes instant bronzers, natural bronzers, tanning boosters, and delayed bronzing ingredients.

Instant Color Creators: Combines Caramel, blend of Hues and Melanin deliver instant results on application, changing hue and shade to visibly darken and bronze skin with deep, universally flattering color.

Natural Bronzers: Black Walnut Shell and Annatto give a continuous boost of color, while Banana contains dopamine, which is a melanin precursor, known to help increase melanin production in the melanocytes for amazing color results, that are long lasting.

Tan Enhancers: Two types of Tyrosine and a Melanin Activated Peptide help stimulate melanogensis and increase melanin synthesis on the skin for enhanced golden color development.

Delayed Color: Highest-level of DHA in DS is blended with Erythrulose to deliver streak-free, stunning gradual results that develop for several hours after the session.


Cosmic Lunar Lavishment: Stellar blend pampers and lavishes to help improve skin barrier function and protects, while maintaining a healthy glow for astral results.

Moonstone, a highly valued gemstone and is treasured by royalty, symbolizes love and protection.

Charcoal Powder works to detoxify the skin by lifting away impurities for instant skin brightening effects.

Skin Conditioning Complex combines Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil and Glycerin that help keep skin conditioned and moisturized, leaving skin smooth and color lasting longer.

Crystal Clear Complex: Brilliantly blended ingredients help boost collagen and elastin production for supernatural results.

Bakuchiol is a natural alternative to retinol and has been found to exhibit anti-aging properties, helps reduce oxidative stress to the skin, while reducing skin roughness and dryness that leads to radiant, bright skin.

Chlorella Extract is a natural ingredient that is loaded with amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals providing conditioning, protecting and anti-aging properties for a more youthful complexion.

Niacinamide, Vitamin B3, helps to repair lipid barrier in the skin, protects from environmental stresses, helps retain moisture to the skin and can be helpful in reducing the signs of aging.

Celestial Silk Touch: Utilizes a select blend of luxurious silicones which have been balanced to provide a subtle radiance to the skin, leaves the skin feeling light and extraordinarily soft, while ensuring flawless application and spreadability.

Vitamin Vitality Mix: Three essential vitamins (B5, C & E) fuse together that nourish, soften, and smooth the skin. Rich in antioxidant properties help to protect against damage caused by environmental pollutants, while keeping skin conditioned for a healthy, youthful appearance.

ATO Defense: Optimally combined ingredients provide deodorancy and long-lasting freshness, keeping after tan odors at bay, while leaving skin smelling fresh.