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1 packet Frankly Scarlet 7xBronzer T15 Hot .5z

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Hot Tingle T15 with Pink Pepper BodyBlush .5oz

Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn…Well Rhett, Frankly Scarlet does! Find your skin being sweptaway with a flush of titillating instant color, advanced Stimutan® tingle and seduced by seven ultradark, advanced bronzers for lasting colorfast darkness.This is a hot little number…Don’t be fooled, this belle of a bronzer instantly becomes rebellious when
infused with Pink Pepper BodyBlush® blend. Advanced bronzing ingredients combine with bronzing
extracts to reveal the true depth of bronze devotion. Rebellious and impassioned dark color will never
again be fleeting or gone with the wind!
· Inspired by all things sexy, fiery, flirtatious and hot
· New tingle story with Pink Pepper BodyBlush® blend

· Seventh Dimension Bronzer
· Ultra Hot Tingle T15 with Pink Pepper BodyBlush®
· Fragrance: Berry Flirty

Advanced Tingle T15 High level intense reddening and tingle sensation
for darkest color
Pink Pepper BodyBlush®
Brings the body alive and promotes long-lasting
dark color with extra blush tones
7 Dark Bronzers Natural extracts and DermaDark® blend provide
immediate color to the skin
GAC “Super Fruit”
Used in ancient Chinese medicine has 70%