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1 packet Hero Worship Dynamic Dual Dark Activator .5oz

Designer Skin

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What is a hero? In the second before a crisis a hero cannot be pinpointed, but somehow always looms near.
Guarding our safety and protecting our well-being, our hero reveals courage in the face of danger and doesn’t
hesitate to lay on the line for the greater good, standing up for what is right when all seems lost… The ultimate
bronze crusader in the face of pale injustice! Activator by day… Accelerator by night…you have just been served a
double dose of relief and sable triumph!
Busting through the barriers and rescuing all that need aid, Hero Worship’s significance shines throughout our
marketplace today with the demand for dual-use products. These “multi-tasker friendly” items such as computers,
cell phones, shampoos, and makeup are everywhere and the tolerance for many different items following a “to
each his own” policy is consistently diminishing. This beams the light on Hero Worship™ to be a supportive dual-use
tan activator and accelerator, not only providing fabulous color to the consumer, but also to be the only product in
the marketplace to guide relief to the skin post tan.

· Dynamic Dual Use™ Formula
· Activator / Accelerator
· Fragrance: Blooming Musk

Dynamic Dual Use™ Formula Exclusively offers ideal daily use benefits for a multi-tasking regimen
Color Ace™ Accelerator Provides enhanced speed and intensity of dark color when used
GloAssist™ Complex Delivers a multi-layer moisturization system
to help activate your color and
rescue skin from dryness