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1 packet Hot Legs Bare Science Warming Leg Bronze Hypoallergenic

California Tan

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 .5oz    BareBlush Blend HOT  SKINNY LEGS
Amplify your color with this hypoallergenic and vitamin-rich leg bronzer. Featuring BareBlush Blend™ warming technology, your
senses will be flushed in spectacular tingle color without the harsh tingle feel. Mangosteen and Green Coffee Bean Extracts fuse
together so you can treat yourself to refreshed and nourished skin while TRF™ and CuO2® energize skin and invoke sleek, dark
color. Our SkinniDip™ Technology sculpts and tones, while shave minimizers offer even the most sensitive skin a lasting smoothness
and easier shave.
• Hibiscus Pear Fragrance