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1 packet Masquerade Potent Rapid Release Bronzer .5 oz

Designer Skin

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Luxe Body Crème. Masquerades, veritable labyrinths of mystery, evoke provocative images of fantasy and enchantment where dreams are born and dark desires are realized…You are hereby cordially invited to experience this grandiose source of entertainment and intrigue.
Surrender to the dark wanton abandon of this lavish body crème formula that literally cloaks your skin in
high potency bronzing hues. As if looking and feeling delightfully gorgeous were not enough, this
splendid elixir contains Abyssine and Rhodiola extract, heralded age-defying antioxidants, which
defend your skin’s virtue against free radical aggressors. Revel in the coveted extravagance as you
dare to peer behind the mask…

· Potent Rapid Release Bronzer
· Luxe Body Crème
· Fragrance: Ruby Orange Musk

Potent Rapid Release Bronzer Delivery system that provides instant, dramatically dark color Luxe
Body Crème Formula Swathes skin in a silky veil of Shea and Cocoa Butter
Abysinne & Rhodiola Extract Luxurious antioxidants, help protect skin from free radicals