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1 packet Misbehaved 70X High DHA Cosmetic & Natural Bronzers .5oz

Designer Skin

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Fragrance: Strawberry Pear Daiquiri

 Candid 70X Color Frenzy Fusion + Microbiome Balancer

High Key Bronzing Blend with Real Reflection Complex
Precision Perfecting Silicone

Well behaved babes rarely get noticed… It’s time to be a risk taker and rule breaker! Set the new standard for bronze perfection with a look everyone will obsess over. Level up with Designer Skin’s 70X Color Frenzy Fusion and High Key Bronzing Blend to ensure unmatched, drastic color. Prepare for a seriously extra glow with the Real Reflection Complex and Microbiome Balancer for a fierce, perfected finish. Up your glam game and aim to misbehave. Afterall, if you follow all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.

Product Type
– High DHA, High Cosmetic and High Natural Bronzers
– 70X Color Frenzy Fusion
– Microbiome Balancer
– High Key Bronzing Blend
– Real Reflection Complex
– Precision Perfecting Silicone
– Fragrance: Strawberry Pear Daiquiri

– Candid 70X Color Frenzy Fusion is Designer Skin’s darkest combination of bronzing ingredients, with High Key Bronzing Blend for unparalleled instant color that will continue to develop hours after tanning

– Real Reflection Complex provides skin with a subtle radiance for perfect dimension and a luminous glow

– Microbiome Balancer works to improve skin’s microbiome harmony for more radiant and healthy-looking skin

– Precision Perfecting Silicone glides onto skin with a luxurious velvet feel as it helps to promote even application, while providing an optical blurring effect for a gorgeous, flawless finish

– Formulated to combat against ATO