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1 packet Mood Indigo 10xBronzer Color Surge .5 oz TOP SELLER!

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Close your eyes and dream. Mood Indigo, the very words conjure up images of moonlight walks on
the beach, mystical cascading waterfalls or the breadth of color right before sunset. Breathe in
tranquility and find a feeling of contentment inspired by the wild indigo extract infused in this 10th
Dimension dark tanning elixir, destined to be an awe-inspiring hit.
Wild Indigo Flower, grown on the lush green slopes of the Himalayas and used in Ayervedic medicine to
help weary urban dwellers feel centered, in control and relaxed. This powerful and potent extract
instantly enhances the release of Beta Endorphins to elevate the mind and facilitate a heightened
sense of well-being. Experience the ultimate therapeutic tanning experience. Rejoice and delight in
instant color gratification with the revolutionary Color Surge™ technology. Profound skin soothing virtues
and deep dark hues that will satisfy every tanners darkest tanning fantasy. Indulge your inner senses and
radiate immediate external 10th Dimension Darkness.

· Inspired by mood enhancing benefits of sunlight
· Introducing the quick acting ColorSurge technology
· Powerful Wild Indigo Extract from the Himalayas

· 10th Dimension Bronzer· ColorSurge Technology
· Fragrance: Mysterious Musk

10th Dimension Bronzers Potent bronzing blend with DHA for
impeccable dark color
ColorSurge Technology Rapid delivery system delivers immediate
satisfaction and deep, dark color
Wild Indigo Extract Soothes the skin while beta-endorphins
impart a positive and peaceful aura
Zen Botanical Tan Enhancers Natural botanicals combine to enhance