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1 packet Nude Awakening 20xBronzer Body Blush Blend .5oz

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With BodyBlush™ Blend

It’s time to strip down and show off that gorgeous skin! This 20th Dimension Bare-It-All Bronzer combines Natural Bronzers for instant, dark flawless color and Melanin Activators that stimulate for darker, developed color. The BodyBlush™ Blend brings your color alive with a blushed flow while Bio-Active Bronzing Minerals strengthen and soften for touchable, smooth skin. We know everybody wants to look good naked, so it’s time for a Nude Awakening™!

•    20th Dimension Bare-It-All Bronzer: High-level of Natural Bronzers blend flawlessly together with Melanin Activators for instant dark results and deeper, gorgeous color
•    BodyBlush™ Blend: Energizes skin for optimal color results and a rosy flushed finish
•    Bio-Active Bronzing Minerals: 92 essential minerals, including Copper, for healthier, stronger skin and a visibly alluring appearance
•    Forever Flawless Finish: Leaves skin with a touchable, powder-like feel
•    Paraben-Free
•    Go for it with this Berry Buff fragrance