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1 packet Retro Rocker Ultimate Encore Bronzer Amplifier .5z

Designer Skin

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“You’ve got to open up your mind” to the eccentric sounds of the 1960’s…Spotlighted in time as quite possibly the most powerful era in music history, this is where real rock legends were born and a fierce musical revolution soon followed. Icons such as Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd took stage in some of the most memorable, mindblowing performances ever witnessed, captivating the free soul of their audience with every strum of a six string.
Parallel to the magical wavelengths of before, present time craves a mixture of yesterday’s ingenuity with today’s
capability to bring them the most powerful results in a quick, yet easy going style. Retro Rocker™ fulfills this request
with its Ultimate Encore Bronzer™ fortified with PowerBoost™ Amplifier to glorify your color and set your tan free…

· Ultimate Encore Bronzer™
· Fragrance: Juicy Mandarin

Ultimate Encore Bronzer™ Delivers deep, powerful color
PowerBoost™ Amplifier Glorifies your color adding a healthy, youthful glow
Ultra Nourishing Offers vitamins and oils for optimal
hydration and silky-smooth skin