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1 packet Sexy Sexy Tan Fabulously Ridiculous Bronzers .5oz


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Step 2 Dark

“Matahari’s Sexy Collection, which launched with Dark Sexy Tan, its the epitome of every
woman’s desire when it comes to having it all… a dark, sexy, tan that makes them look good and feel
even better. This sassy collection, heralded for its loyal following, is the most seductive of tanning
temptations with bronzers and exotic firming, anti-aging, and skin-smoothing ingredients from around
the world. Sexy simply just got Sexier.
Product Story
Sexy Sexy Tan™ arouses gorgeously golden glambitions for fabulously ridiculous bronze color!

· Fabulously Ridiculous Bronzers
· Step 2 Dark Tan Booster
· Fragrance: Sexy Little Cupcake
· Fabulously Ridiculous Bronzers: Exclusive to Matahari® Color boosting
blend of bronzing agents, increased percentage of DHA, non-DHA,
and Melanin Activating Peptides (MAP) for amplified bronzing
· CuO2® and TRF2010™: Help to further advance golden color to
deliciously dark state
· Javanese Coffee ST Plus™: Encourages firmer-looking contours
· Jasmine, Neroli & Patchouli Oils: Impart exotic smoothness and ignite
sexy confidence