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1 packet Shades of Summer Instant Bronze W/Marathon Color

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Fragrance: Paradise Sunset, top notes Mango & Coconut, Mid notes of Floral & Papaya & Dry notes of Vanilla, Sandalwood & Bamboo


Finally, a lotion that lasts as long as those amazing summer memories!  Show off gorgeous beach color that will last days longer due to Marathon Color Technology.  An exceptional blend of DHA and Blue-Green Algae keeps that straight-off-the-beach dark color sustained for picture perfect bronze perfection even in the dead of winter.  Take a mini-vacation with each trip to the tanning salon and keep that dark color from fading with Shades of Summer™ all year round!


Instant Dark Bronzers

The perfect blend of natural bronzers, including the powerful mahakani, for deep, dark, instant color

Marathon Color Technology

Exclusive blend of DHA and Blue-Green Algae for longer-lasting bronze goodness

Beach Ready Skincare

Amazing skin-saving ingredients, including Macadamia Nut, combine for rejuvenation, making skin supple for a lasting glow


Ultimate mix of Vitamins and moisturizing agents deliver irresistibly smooth skin


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