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1 packet Tan Candy Confetti Cake Dark Tan Maximizer Skin Firming .57oz


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Fragrance: Nostalgically Sweet Vanilla


Product Story:
Have your cake and wear it to. Enjoy the decadence of Tan Candy® Confetti
Cake Gratifyingly Dark Maximizer by reminding you of those special moments
and celebrations with its nostalgically sweet vanilla fragrance. This deliciously
dark blend combines the richest ingredients for gorgeous golden brown color
while Vanilla Extract, Marshmallow and Sugar Cane help leave your skin
feeling soft and sweet. This isn’t your moms boxed cake.

Features & Benefits:
• Dark tanning intensifiers help enhance your color for longer
lasting color results.
• CandyColorTM Tanning Complex combines natural color
enhancers for a rich sweet golden tan.
• Delicious blend of Vanilla Extract, Marshmallow and Sugar Cane
helps to lock in color while leaving skin feeling silky and soft.

Additional Selling Points:
• Skin Firming • Aloe Vera • Cocoa Butter • Paraben Free
• Gluten Free • Odor Shield Technology