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1 packet Twice The Spice Two IN One Fiery Tingle Hot Bronzer

Swedish Beauty

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Everything’s better in pairs, so liven things up with this two-in-one tingle bronzer! First, experience the fiery hot intensity of a Wasabi-Tingle duo, then let double bronzers create an exotic, bronze tan only a botanical beauty like you could flaunt. The search for sultry, smoldering color ends here; twice the heat, twice the glow, Twice the Spice™!

  • Freedom Formula™- Nut, Gluten, Paraben & Silicone FREE; designed for sensitive skin
  • T80 Wasabi Spice Blend- Wasabi plus tingle ingredients enhance skin oxygenation, leading to a better, longer-lasting tan
  • InstaGlow Bronzers- Exotic blend of Melanin and Annatto create instant, dark color
  • Invigorating Ginseng- Boosts immune system and improves energy
  • Boosted BioBronze™ Blend- Cocoa, Orange, Angelica and Banana extracts help activate tan color to achieve the darkest, most extended hue possible
  • Vitamin Blend-Vital nutrients protect and nourish skin
  • Fragrance: Scarlet Kiss- Grapefruit, Star Anise, Ozone, Water Lily, Raspberry, Jasmine, Violet, Amber, Sandalwood, White Musk