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Alter Ego Hot Tingle & Icy Cool Shimmer Bronzer 8.5 oz


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Find yourself. Tantalizing, sultry tingle for your dangerously seductive side. Icy cool shimmering bronzers for your mysterious, secretive side. Fixation: To command the attention of exclusively or repeatedly; an obsession. Extreme tingle increases blood flow and oxygenation for improved tanning cell activity Natural & DHA bronzer blend with light golden shimmer enhances the tan Cooling action delivers unique sensation to skin 3x the recommended active tanning ingredients: Tyrosine Complex, Unipertan & Carrot Seed Oil Vitamins A, C & E hydrate and revitalize for visibly younger looking skin Biotin, CoQ10, Caffeine & Collagen restructure, strengthen and firm the skin Soy, Seaweed, Caviar & Oyster Extracts even skin texture, tone and pigment


fragrance tropical berry breeze