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Charisma Ultra DermaDark Bronzer 8.5 oz

Swedish Beauty

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Charm, Dazzle and Captivate with the moxie behind this intriguing discovery! For years science
struggled to find the key to unleash the primal secret of natural attraction - a primitive yet powerful
chemistry that instinctively triggers desire and uninhibited physical attraction. Pheromones! And boy,
are they raging! They are nature's unseen sex signals!
Want to get noticed? Then get noticed! Charisma™ lusciously dark advanced DermaDark® bronzing
lotion infused with natural pheromones is nature’s secret seductive weapon and makes for a powerful
dark tanning potion. Make yourself simply irresistible to the opposite sex, and leave them wondering why
they are instinctively drawn to you like bees to flowers.

· Ultra Dark DermaDark® Bronzer
· Naturally Occurring Pheromones
· Fragrance: Primal Passion
Ultra Advanced
Bronzers Combination of DermaDark® plus 2 advancedbioengineered bronzers provide undeniably titillating
streak-free deep dark color Naturally Occurring Pheromones
Nature’s secret seductive weapon inspires flirtation and
attraction. tanFresh™ Blend Helps increase after-tan freshness and eliminate odor