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DupliCity Glowing Dual Use Sunless Bronze w/ElimiScent 8.5z

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Fragrance: Dazzling Nite Lites, top notes of Passionfruit & Pineapple, Mid notes of Tropical Fruits & Floral & Dry notes of Coconut, Vanilla & Musk

First dual use bronzer with high level sunless

Ever wish that lotion you purchased for your tanning session could also be used to help maintain that beautiful, golden color in-between sessions?  Well, that wish is now granted!  This first, dual-use sunless bronzer works whether you are steppin’ into a tanning bed or steppin’ out on the town!  ElimiScent Technology removes the dreaded sunless odor to ensure you get decadent color without anyone knowing you had help!  So, get dazzling and step out with DupliCity!

 ·         Dual-use Sunless/UV bronzer·         ElimiScent Technology


Sunless Bronzers

High levels of DHA and other essential bronzer will ensure you get gorgeous, streak-free golden color

ElimiScent Technology

A unique blend of after-tan inhibitors to increase freshness and eliminate sunless odor

Superior Protection

Natural Allantoin promotes healing and skin protection for perfect, streak-free color

Gorgeous Glow

A very light, copper shimmer helps create an all-over gorgeous glow