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Risqué Ritual Extreme Tingle T40 10xBronze W/StimuTan 10z last 1

Australian Gold

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Rituals have formed a part of human culture for tens of thousands of years. Some are rites of passage,some are oaths of allegiance and others are traditions like Grandma’s house at the holidays or turkey
for Thanksgiving. Rituals require commitment, passion, and desire.
Tingle tanners are the perhaps the most passionate of all tanners. They wait with great anticipation for
the newest, hottest tingle lotions. They are risqué in their desire to be hot and red…yet, even then, they
still want more. Risqué Ritual is dedicated to true tingle tanners everywhere. We salute the few, the
proud, the Risqué.

· Inspired by passionate tingle lovers·

10th. Dimension Bronzer· T40 Stimutan® Extreme Tingle Complex·

Fragrance: Forbidden Apple

Extreme Tingle T 40 withStimutan® Complex
Hottest tingle in Australian Gold® brand with
maximum-level of intense reddening and tingle
10th. Dimension Bronzer
Kukui Extracts, DHA, Copper and Natural Bronzers
combine for flawless dark skin
Tanning Trio Advanced melanin enhancers for the darkest
Color Enhancers Natural skin conditioning oils to nourish skin and

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