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Satin D Sol Mega Advanced DermaDark Bronzer 10oz

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Attention! Chastised Sun worshipers! Come out from behind the clouds; delight in recent scientific
studies showing exposure to UV light aides in Vitamin D production, promoting radiant, healthy skin
color. Let your sunny disposition shine through! Experience the ‘UV Advantage’; achieve dynamic skin
hydrating results and healthier, satiny dark, skin color when paired with a Vitamin D fortified tanning
Tanning update, “D” does your body good! Harness the power of UV light and Vitamin D that
synergistically combine to provide optimal skin nourishing and dark tanning results. Satin D Sol  lotion finds its place in the sun with this creamy, barely there, Advanced Bronzing formula.
· Mega Advanced DermaDark® Bronzer
· Vitamin Drink
· Fragrance: Sexy Sun

Melanin Enhanced Mega
DermaDark Plus BlendNew! Extra-powerful, natural color enhancer forthe darkest color
ProVitamin D3 Precursor to Vitamin D production and needed to
process calcium that aids in the tanning process
Melanin Bronzing booster for deeply pigmented color
Exotic Camu Camu Fruit
Toning Blend
Lusciously moisturizes, revealing sensually smooth,
dark skin that is evenly toned to perfection

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