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Sheer Elements Mineral Based Energizing Intensifer 1z

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Minerals abound in nature as well as in the beauty marketplace, so it only makes sense to expand onour revolutionary mineral-based tanning system with a pure new -age extension. Sheer Elements™
Ethereal Intensifier is a companion to Bronze Minerals™ Sixth Dimension lotion. Balance mind, body and
Swathe your skin in a natural veil of deep, dark color without the complications of DHA and cosmetic
bronzers. In addition to 92 bioactive minerals, Sheer Elements utilizes Tourmaline, a wondrous, healing
crystal-mineral that helps protect and revive skin radiance as well as promoting weightless and glowing
hydration. Remain centered in your tanning experience, emit beautiful energetic color!

· Moisturizing Body Soufflé Intensifier
· Mineral based
· Fragrance: Sheer Breeze

Moisturizing Body Soufflé Fluffy soufflé packed with quintessential vitamins
and aloe swathes skin in sweet, silky moisture
92 Earth Minerals Including Copper, Zinc and Calcium maximize
melanin formation while offering a profusion of
benefits to the skin
Tourmaline Energizing mineral naturally obtained from
Mother Earth for enhanced microcirculation
without tingle
Paraben Free Mineral Preservative System