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Sterling DermaDark 20xBronzer w/SatinTouch 1 oz

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 1 oz tube

Champagne Dreams Fragrance

Sterling Decadent Twenty20x DermaDark bronzer is powered by the most precious metal on earth.  This revolutionary blend of bronzers and skincare ingredients help combat external pollutants for decadently, smooth, deep dark color, while SatinTouch Blend will leave your skin so soft others will be envious.  Perfect Platinum Extract enhances your skin’s natural beauty and preserves its texture and tone for a Sterling captivating glow you’ve always desired.

·         Decadent DermaDark® Bronzer

·         Perfect Platinum Extract

·         Fragrance: Champagne Dreams, top notes of Bergamot and Melon, Mid notes of Floral & Dry notes of Sandalwood and Vanilla


Revolutionary Twenty20 Technology

Unique fusion of bronzers, including our exclusive DermaDark® bronzers, and extreme skincare for the absolute best combination for deep, dark healthy color

SatinTouch Blend

Botanically derived blend provides luxurious feel and extreme hydration for silky, smooth perfect skin

Perfect Platinum Extract

Recharges and helps protect skin’s electrolyte balance for radiantly, gorgeous skin

Dual TanFresh Blend

Eliminates after-tan odor using two powerful odor inhibitors