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1.oz bottle with dropper of FORMULA PURE 100% L-TYROSINE HOT TANNING BOOSTER. METHYL NICOTINATE - increases the skins ability to tan by increasing the blood circulation. Leaves the skin with a warm, tingling sensation and cause the skin to become flush(red). The tanner's skin will darken in color, which varies depending on the individual tanner's skin tone and type. When coupled with the pigment darkening reaction caused by exposure to ultraviolet light, the skin will yield a more intense tan. Tingle products do not cause any damage to skin cells and actually help them to function more efficiently. The tingle response usually starts fairly quickly after the product is applied to the skin and will last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. ?Tingle? products are not recommended for tanners with sensitive skin, as they are likely to find the reddening and heating effects uncomfortable. It is also recommended that all tanners begin with a mild hot action product and work their way up in intensity based on their own comfort level. Tyrosine - The amino acid from proteins that is converted through several metabolic steps to melanin. It is added to tanning accelerator products to supplement the body's normal level of tyrosine at the skin's pigment cell level thereby speeding the tanning process. May be used in its natural form or in a modified, more water solubler form as acetyl tyrosine. use as an ACCELERATOR - designed to increase the rate at which skin tans by providing the ingredients necessary for melanin production. TYROSINE - a soluble amino acid which penetrates the skin where melanocytes are located and encourages the skin to produce extra melanin. This increases and prolongs the effects of the tanning process. Tyrosine's effect is increased with the addition of vitamin B. L-tyrosine is an amino acid that boosts certain neurotransmitters in the brain, and also converts into a thyroid hormone. L-tyrosine has been used for stress reduction, depression, allergies and headaches. L-tyrosine has also been used for appetite suppression, and helps in reducing body fat. Can be used in any tanning lotion by just adding a frew drops to add heat, reddening, and tingle to create micro-ciruclation and increase melanin production for darker, longer lasting results.